About Bianca

Former toptriathlete Bianca van Dijk studied physiotherapy, worked as a heart and lung function technician in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, and got her Bachelor degree Ortho Molecular therapist by clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI).

During her 10-year international professional sports career Bianca discovered the impact of nutrition and individualized supplementation on achievements of top sportsmen. Balanced nutrition and lifestyle appeared to be the key to success: obstructing limitations, such as a lower load-bearing capacity, susceptibility to infection, lack of energy, tiredness, lack of focus and reduced stress resistance, can be addressed effectively. Looking back she is convinced that, had she known what she knows now, she could have got even more out of her sports career.

biancaThanks to her knowledge and experience, combined with her mentality as a top athlete, Bianca is the perfect coach to sportsmen, and anyone who performs at a top level. "The impact nutrition, movement and stress have on health and achievements, is fascinating. It's great to coach and inspire people to get the maximum out of themselves, and help them perform at a top level."
At this moment sportsmen of AFC Ajax and members of the Continu skating team (among others Margot Boer en Yvonne Nauta) are being coached by Bianca.

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